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January Student-Athlete of the Month

The January Student-Athlete of the Month is described by the coaches as “first and foremost, a great teammate.” The coaches also commented on the outstanding leadership this student-athlete has brought to the team. When you watch them compete you will see this person rooting for teammates to have success and going out of the way to give them advice on how to improve their performance. More importantly, this person is a leader outside of the words during competition. This student-athlete has been a great role model through daily actions and which has earned the trust and respect of teammates. The coaches shared, “Gaining this level of trust is a process that takes time. It does not happen through a singular event. It takes modeling a strong work ethic, responding to adversity, and doing the right thing inside and outside of the gym regardless of who is watching.” Finally, this student has no interest in individual accolades and is solely focused on the success of the team, making them a great candidate for this award. The January Student-Athlete of the Month is Elliot Kelly.

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