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February Student-Athlete of the Month

The February Student-Athlete of the Month is described as a team first player that cares more about team success than their own acknowledgements. They consistently put in time beyond what is required, like attending open gyms, to put in time to better themselves as a player. In practice they lead by example and were often the first done with spring, a result of pushing themselves to be the best each time. Regardless of what drill was being done, this student-athlete was known for always doing it the right way whether coaches were watching or not. In Strength & Conditioning class, the student is always on task and never needs to be redirected. The coaches went on to say, “Many things make someone a good teammate, one of the biggest is sacrifice. What you are willing to sacrifice to help your team - at open gym, at youth tournaments, giving up playing time, or even your own body when taking a charge or diving for a loose ball - this young person has never shied away or complained about making sacrifices for the betterment of the team.” Finally, on top of the athletic leadership this student is also an active member of our Band and FFA. The February Student-Athlete of the Month is Korey Schantz.

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