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April Student Athlete of the Month - Kaitlyn Wiley

The April Student-Athlete of the Month is described by coaches as, “the epitome of the student-athlete whose actions speak louder than any words ever could.” The coach goes on to say, “there is not a day that goes by, whether in practice, in a meet, in the classroom, hallways…or at any school event, that this person cannot be found displaying countless characteristics of the ultimate student-athlete. Their commitment to the team is evident in that they have not missed a single practice this season. This student-athlete is extremely humble, never gives less than 100% effort, never questions the role they need to play, and can be trusted to deliver in every circumstance. As the person presenting this award, and the Principal of the building, I will add that this student-athlete is as consistent in their approach as any student I have worked with. The April Student-Athlete of the Month is Kaitlyn Wiley.

Thank you again to Brown’s Family of Car Dealership for supporting our student-of-the-month program. These programs allow us to recognize one Student-Athlete and one Fine Arts student for individual character and habits that lead to success.

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